【Kevin Reynolds Yuzuru Hanyu Han Yan 】4CC 2013 Men Medalists SP FP  ケヴィン・レイノルズ 羽生結弦 ハン・ヤン閻 涵

Than you for visiting to my website.
I introduce you 2013 Four Continents Men single Medalists performance.

Gold medal Kevin Reynolds(Canada)
Silver medal Yuzuru Hanyu(Japan)
Bronze medal Han Yan(China)

Kevin Reynolds did a fantastic three Quadruple jumps.
All his fans would be proud of him and Choreographer Kenji Miyamoto and Shae-Lynn Bourne.
His brilliant smile made me so happy.

Kevin Reynolds SP

Yuzuru did an amazing beautiful Performance.
He is always shinning like a superstar. I’m so proud of him.
Yuzuru Hanyu SP

Han Yan did a stunning jumps.
We are looking forward his next performance and future.
Han Yan SP

Kevin Reynolds FP

Yuzuru Hanyu FP

Han Yan FP

Thanks guys!
Such a great performance!

(´∀`*)ノ anyu-♪


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